St Patrick's Hospital

St Patrick's Hospital
Co Tipperary

Ms Mary Prendergast
Mr Chris Monaghan

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Hiqa Reports

St. Patrick.s Hospital was built in the 1800.s as a workhouse. The first admission to St Patrick's was in January 1842 ran by the mercy sisters as a county home until 1923.
In 1979 the rehabilitation assessment unit and therapeutic day hospital was opened and St Patrick's was established as the main gerontology centre in south Tipperary in 1980 and now accreditated by the university of leeds in 2006, 2009 to present.

To date it received its highest award as an accredited practice development centre.

The hospital will continue to maintain this accreditation while moving forward with the Residential Care Standards which are at an advanced level onsite. Previously the hospital operated the adapted Australian Standards.

The Independent living units behind the hospital St Patrick's Gardens (SPADE) offers the transition from assisted independent living to Residential Care.

Information courtesy of HIQA reports and other separate sources.

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Residential Care Inspections

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What is the Nursing Homes Support Scheme?

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme provides financial support towards the cost of long-term nursing home care. Under the scheme, people who need nursing home care have their income and assets assessed, and then make a contribution towards the cost of their care based on their assessment.

The HSE will pay the rest, if any, of the costs of their care in designated public and approved private nursing homes covered under the scheme. People can choose care in any of the nursing homes included in the scheme provided that the nursing home can cater for the person's particular needs and that it has a place available for the person.

As the budget for this scheme is fixed each year, at times a waiting list for financial support may be in place