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Questions about Residential Services for People with Disabilities

Q: Why were these standards produced?

A: The standards have three functions:

• They provide guidance to service providers on how to provide a good quality and safe services.
• They inform service users and their families as to what they can reasonably expect of a residential service.
• Once they have been approved by the Minister of Health and Children they will be used in the registration and inspection of residential services for people with disabilities.

Q: How were the standards developed?

A: The Authority developed the standards with the assistance of a standards advisory group made up of those involved in the relevant services: those who use the service and their representatives and advocates, those who provide the service, the professionals who deliver the service and others such as the Department of Health and Children and other relevant bodies.

This group assisted the Authority in drawing up a set of standards which were then made available to the public for comment and suggestion. Feedback from this public consultation was considered by the standards advisory group and the standards were amended and then finalised by the Board of the Authority.

All standards that are developed by the Authority have to be approved by the Minister for Health and Children.

Q: What do these standards cover?

A: The standards are based on the seven key principles that cover quality of life, staffing, protection, health and development, rights, the physical environment, governance and management. This means:

1. People who live in residential services for people with disabilities should have a good quality of life.
2. For people in residential services to enjoy a good quality of life, there should be staff that understand and support them.
3. People who live in residential services for people with disabilities should feel safe.
4. The rights of people with disabilities who live in residential services should be protected and promoted.
5. The services should be person centred.
6. The standards should encourage community integration.
7. Residential services for people with disabilities should be well run.

Q: Who is covered by these standards?

A: The standards cover residential services for people with disabilities. These standards are not intended for day services or services that accommodate children with disabilities.

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